Why choose LCCI Language Exam?  

  • Because it has been accredited in Hungary since 2004
  • It is of a high standard international exam, accepted and appreciated all over the world
  •  Certificates are provided by The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examination Board (LCCIEB) straight from London
  •  It is accepted by Hungarian colleges,universities as well as international institutions

The LCCI language exam is an internationally recognized exam, which is accredited in Hungary, too.If you want to study abroad, or obtain a good quality language exam, or if you simply need an exam for your degree, it is the best choice!

Another advantage of this exam is that it is an English for Business exam, and it contains real-life written tasks (such as letters, memos, reports, etc.) and oral situations. What is more,we provide an excellent preparation training for the LCCI exam from 2014.We prepared hundreds of students successfully for L2 and  L3 exam.Our students come from different colleges(IBS,BGF,Corvinus,Müszaki Főiskola,Metropolitan Egyetem,BKE,Szolnoki Főiskola,Zsigmond király Főiskola,BME,ELTE,PPKE,)any many more.

Our students passing rate is 95%.

Watch the video about how  LCCI EFB speaking test looks like.

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The LCCI EFB exam has three levels: Level 1 for beginners, Level 2 for intermediate level students and Level 3 for advanced level students.

•LCCI Level 1 qualifications improve your basic knowledge and skills in a particular subject or business-related job area.

LCCI Level 2 qualifications are usually the minimum entry requirement for jobs. They give you good knowledge and a solid understanding of a subject or business-related job area.

•LCCI Level 3 qualifications develop your ability to learn and apply a range of knowledge, understanding and skills at a detailed level.      

                                                            EXAM DATES FOR 2022                                                                                                                                    

2022.February 5.

oral day : Februray 4.or 5.
registration deadline:January 5.

2022. April 23. 

oral day: April 22.or 23.                                                                                                            
registration deadline:March 23.

2022.June 25.

oral day: June 24.or 25.
registration deadline: May 25.

2022.September 3.                                                               

oral day:September 2. or 3.
registration deadline:August 4.

2022. November 5.

oral day: November 4.or 5.
registration deadline:October 5.



                                             LCCI Business English EXAM FEES 2021
                                  Written fee* (Ft)               Oral fee* (Ft)             Complex(written&oral)fee*
 EFB Level 1 (B1)         16.000,-                               16.000,-                                30.000,- 
 EFB Level 2 (B2)         20.000,-                               20.000,-                                36.000,-
 EFB Level 3 (C1)         24.000,-                               22.000,-                                44.000,-
*Exam fees valid from January 1, 2017, which may change during the year depending on the exchange rate of the Euro!
                                                                 Special Procedures Fees:

                                                                             Postponment fee: 5.000,- Ft
                                                                             Special procedure fee: 5.000 Ft
                                                 Certificate of examination (before you get the hard copy): 5.000, – Ft
                                                 Corection on the Hungarian Certificate (only if is mistake on the name)
                                                             -if the candidate gave the wrong  date 3.000,- Ft/certificate
                                                              -otherwise is free

                                                           Replacement or correction  of an international certificate 

                                                      -if the candidate gave the wrong iformation: 68 Euro (payed in Hungarian Forint)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
                                                 Review fee: based on current government regulation
                                               If the candidate asks for re-evaluation in the review request:
                                                                    Level 1 Oral: 3.000 Ft
                                                                    Level 1 Written: 3.000 Ft
                                                                    Level 2 Oral: 4.000 Ft
                                                                    Level 2 Written: 4.000 Ft
                                                                    Level 3Oral : 5.000 Ft
                                                                    Level 3 Written: 5.000 F

                                               View your eaxm paper:

                          - based on current government regulation is free

                        -60-minute consultation with a tutor on the exam,at a pre-agreed date:5.000Ft.

Examination Regulations,please read in Hungarian HERE

Examination information ,HERE



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