Why should you choose  us?

Because our expertise lies in communication.

We listen to you  very carefully; we understand what is stopping you from communicating effectively in English; and then we give you the language you need to succeed.

We help business and professional people,students  to communicate effectively,pass their language exams delivering high energy, high impact, high quality trainings tailored to your needs for more than 10 years.

Because we are specialized in language exam trainings accredited in Hungray and recognized worldwide.

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Because we do not have a course programme.

Our course programme is you. We recreate the situations that you face in your working life. You handle them in English. We give you the language you need to succeed. When you start whit us a  Training course, you’ll brief us about the most painful challenges you face in English – presenting sales figures to your boss, explaining technical details to your client, holding a meeting via video conferencing  and many others – and we’ll make sure you have to face these challenges every day. In fact, you’ll never be more than a few minutes away from practising the English you need to take control of these situations.

Because the training never stops.

Sure, you’ll learn intensively through constant real-world simulations. But we’re also listening to what you say while you eat your lunch, while you drink your coffee and while you negotiate with the taxi driver at the end of a night out. Every moment is an opportunity to make your English more precise, more natural and more powerful.

Because you matter to us.

We judge our success not on whether “a programme” was delivered properly, but on whether or not each individual participant got exactly what he or she needed.  

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Zsuzsa Bálint (CerTEFL,FTBE)

Director, trainer, examiner, Business English communication advisory

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